Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gift of the Gab

This I do not have, or at least no thanks to the Blarney Stone.

Of all the places we went, this was the sight that was the least like I expected it to be. First off, the grounds of the Blarney Castle are pretty expansive and just gorgeous! I seriously thought we would walk up a short flight of stairs, kiss the stone, and be on our merry way. It was so not like that. The stone you kiss is not only sort of in the middle of the grounds, but it is also on top of the castle, oh..and it is also perched about a foot out from the side of the castle. Not to mention, in case you are not aware, you lie on your back and hang upside down to kiss it. You would think the idea of millions of visitors kissing the same spot every year would gross me out enough that I would not want to kiss the stone, but that was not my reason for not doing it. I couldn't get past the fact that I was several stories up on top of what seemed to me a crumbling castle, shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of visitors in a line that went on forever. I had never felt more claustrophobic, and more stressed about my 2 year old slipping and falling off the top of the castle (yes the thought did cross my mind, it probably never happens). Everyone was so excited to do this and all I wanted was DOWN!

Charlie kissing the Blarney Stone

Since we had a full day on our plate (driving from Milltown to Kinsale with stops at Blarney Castle and Cobh), we did not spend anytime visiting the rest of the grounds. It was raining a bit and that day we had what one Irishman described as a whole year of weather in one day. It went from freezing cold and rainy, to sunshine and fairly warm in the matter of an hour or 2. Reminded me a bit of TX. So, I would like to go back one day, visit the grounds and take photos of all the beautiful sights. The stone, I will probably take a pass on that again!

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