Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Treasures from a far-away land

My husband just got back from Afghanistan and brought us back some pretty little treasures. He was over there for a week working on the NFL on FOX pre-game show that aired on Sunday. I will admit I was not too crazy about him going, but I was assured by him and others that he would be totally safe. I cannot imagine actually having a husband that serves in the military. I was a nervous wreck for a week and he wasn't fighting and was not leaving the base. Boy, I am a wimp. So are the treasures....

Little "genie" lamps for Sarah and Lauren. Sarah did check to see if one was inside!

An elephant made out of Lapis Lazouli, mined in Afghanistan, for me!

On a related note, and speaking of people in far off lands....a Happy Veterans Day to all our veterans out there. I am especially thinking of my grandfather today, Dunlap Harper, who served in World War II. He thankfully made it back from the war safe. While he was over serving he wrote my grandmother the most wonderful love letters. I am so thankful my mom kept them and that I now have them. They are just absolute treasures!
I am also thinking of my older brother today, Warren Hamilton. He has served over in the Middle East with both the army and marines. I was a nervous wreck when he was serving his tours, as well. He now serves our country out of the military, but still goes overseas a lot. I wish for his safety constantly.
I am sure my husband is thinking of his namesake today. Charlie Barnes was killed in Vietnam and was my Charlie's dad's best friend. He is who my husband is named after. Almost every time Charlie goes to Washington he makes a trip over to the Vietnam Veteran memorial to find his name and take a moment of silence.

There are so many that have given their lives for this great country. I think of them often. Wishing all of them and their families a Happy Veteran's Day.


Holly said...

Charlie is awesome!

How amazing that you have those letters.

the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

What gorgeous treasures!!!

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