Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Remaining thoughts on Halloween

I know it is a little after the fact, but there were a couple of things we had to celebrate the holiday that I thought were really cute. The first was this:

my husband was very sweet to send this to me. I think he felt a little bad for missing everything. He had to work on the he does every weekend. I thought the arrangement was pretty and came in a cute little container.

The second was this:

Papa Murphy's pizza does these cute little pizzas every year. They don't taste any different than their normal pizza, but sure makes it more fun for the kids. I mean, a pizza is already fun, and they found a way to make it even better! Note: They do a heart pizza at Valentine's too!

BTW....I don't think anyone is really wondering, but in case you are....I have not blogged about Rob and Nina's wedding yet, for 2 reasons. 1.) There is so much to write about that I haven't had the time to attempt it yet, and 2.) I am sort of hoping to get some more pictures from the weekend coming in from other people that were there and/or the professional ones. So once I feel I have some great photos and a little time on my hands to do it justice, I will do a post about it!

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Holly said...

What a good hubby! Love the pizza!

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