Sunday, November 15, 2009

Proud to be a Horned Frog!

I am always proud to be a horned frog, but I am more than ever right now! TCU is my alma mater and we smashed the Utah Utes last night! Normally this would be a big deal, but this year because we are ranked #4 and this is really our only last big hurdle, it was a REALLY big deal. I soooo wish I could have been out at the stadium cheering on the home team with all my friends, but alas, I was at home cheering from the couch! Thankfully my FB friends are about 75% TCU grads, so I had lots of pictures pouring in from the "front lines".

SO unless we screw up majorly and loose either of our next 2 games, we are on our way to a major BCS bowl. If we keep our fingers crossed and Texas, Alabama, or Florida has a major loss, then we are really in for a wild ride. I am getting my bags packed for Phoenix, New Orleans, or better yet....PASADENA. Would love to go out to my old stomping grounds in LA and cheer on my FROGS!

Give'em Hell TCU!

I am not sure who took this shot, so if it is you and you happen to be reading this, let me know and I will give you props. One of my FB friends posted it, but I am pretty sure it wasn't him that took the photo!


Anonymous said...

Rah Rah TCU!!!! so exciting, huh?
~Katie B.

Holly said...

I have more bling for you at my place. How are you!?

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