Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drama in Donegal

Yea! So I am back to posting about the vacation that happened about a 100 years ago now. We will get through me marathon blogging about this trip together!

So...I mentioned in my last post about the trip that we had sort of a family emergency while on the vacation...well that took place while in Donegal. The night before we got to Donegal we ate at the fish and chips place in Bushmills. Well, the next day Jetta (Charlie's mom) wasn't feeling great. Some sort of chest pain/reflux...we didn't know. So the next day after that was our first full day in Donegal. We started the morning doing a little shopping in the city center. Jetta was still not feeling great, in fact she seemed to be feeling worse. So after about an hour she decides she needs to see a Dr. Now at this point is about the point I clued in that she REALLY wasn't feeling well and that there might really be something wrong here. Now keep in mind we are in a little village and the local Dr. is hard to find. We walked and walked with bad directions trying to find this guy. Jetta was feeling faint, heart racing, etc... Once we got to the Dr. he suggested she be taken by ambulance to the nearest big city with a hospital (about an hour away) in fear that she might be having a heart attack. this is not something you really plan for while on vacation. We were all scared to death. She is having chest pains and being whisked away in an ambulance. Charlie and his Dad are in shock and little emotional and everyone is like what do we do now. So, basically the game plan was for me to head back to the B &B with the girls and everyone else headed to the town where the hospital was. So I spent the whole day in the room with the girls. Thankfully it was a nice place. It was cold outside, so it was nice to be in. I had a computer in which they could watch movies and I had peanut butter and bread so we were set with food. I didn't really get many updates, but by dinner time they were all on their way home. Final diagnosis: She must have swallowed a fish bone that scratched her on the way down and was just irritating her and causing her pain. Thankfully that was all it was, but unfortunately she was uncomfortable most of the rest of the trip with it.

Donegal (aside form the health scare) was not all that much to write home about. Should you find yourself there, or really want to go for some reason, the place we stayed was nice and quaint and we did have a great dinner one night. My next vacation post will be about those 2 places. (I promise that it will be sometime the month of February!)

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