Friday, February 4, 2011

Around the World Party

One of my most favorite parties growing up that my mother threw for me was an Around the World Party. I can't remember exactly how old I was, but I know it was a sleepover, so I had to be 13 or older. (I didn't get to partake in sleepovers until I turned 13. My how times have changed.) It was me and 4 of my close friends. It was simple, but fun. We made posters for the walls representing different countries and she made food from different countries for dinner. I remember how fun it was to order stuff from Oriental Trading like chopsticks, world flag banners, and pinatas.

So this summer after Sarah got to travel to Europe, she became increasingly interested in traveling and learning about other countries. When we brainstormed about her party I gave her some ideas, the Around the World party being one of them. She instantly latched onto that and wanted that to be her theme. I was thrilled and we had such a great time planning it. I originally planned to let her have only about 5-6 of her close friends, but as we got closer and realized we would be moving just after, I decided to let it become a sleepover and she could increase the number of friends. I still had to draw a line so we didn't have 40 girls at my house, but she narrowed it to 10 and that was about perfect!

So here are some photos and specifics! Since the party was on Saturday, January 8th and we moved out of our house on the 10th, it was a relatively simple party for me. I did not go too over board on decor and what not. Less to pack up. It was easy peasy as Sarah would say and the girls had a BLAST!

Party Specifics:
Theme: Around the World
Invites: Handmade Passports individualized with each girls picture and birth date

Countries Visited:
Note-- They got passport stamps in their passports at each country.
France- They got to dress up in fashion, have manicures, and their souvenir was star glasses and necklaces

Italy- Our kitchen was Italy and they made make your own pizzas for dinner

China- We did origami and their souvenir was fortune cookies and Chinese fans

Mexico- Sarah beat her pinata and their souvenir was flowers for their hair and the candy from the pinata

Islands of the South Pacific- They played limbo and watched Barbie Mermaidia. Their souvenir was pink and purple Leis. We also did the cookie cake and had fruit punch with umbrellas in it while visiting this country

U.S.A.- My kitchen was the US for breakfast. They had donuts, yogurts, and strawberries. Their souvenir was a small American flag.
(Was too tired I guess and didn't snap any photos)

Craft: As each girl arrived at my house they made "suitcases" to collect their souvenirs. They got to decorate a suitcase box with travel stickers and colors. This served as their party favor.

Cake: Sarah loves cookie cakes. Got ours from The Cakery in Southlake

Decor: Items came from Party City, Oriental Trading Company, World Market, and various other party sites.

The party was a success. They really loved having the suitcases and gathering something from every country, as well as, having the passports. They stayed up until about 10pm and were early risers for breakfast the next morning at 7am. As the last guest was leaving it started to snow outside and that was the best present Sarah could have ever had. She thought that was so special that it actually snowed on her birthday! We ended up having a late lunch that day with family at Brio and it was a perfect birthday!


Sara said...

Oh I am so going to have to steal that idea. How clever! Loved the earth balloons and the suitcases. I was just blown away by all your ideas. So so cute!

CTG said...

Love it! Am thinking about doing something similar for my baby's 1st birthday - albeit slightly simpler! :0) We will have some older kids at the party who would just love the suitcases! Wondering where you got them from? Thanks for sharing!

Lilli said...

Love the idea... I am planning my children's party and it is also World Traveler. I have everything except the party favor bags. I couldn't think of something to go with the theme but I love the idea of the kids decorating the suitcases. Where did you get them?

Deanna Cosgrove said...

Hey there, I am currently planning an around the world party and was wondering if you would mind telling me where you got the fold up boxes to make the luggage and also the globe balloons. Thanks!.........deanna

Michelle Alley said...

Such a fantastic idea for a party! I loved the passports and the suitcases - thanks for sharing!!!
ahappyheartblog :)

Anonymous said...

How awesome!
May I know where you got your suitcase boxes?

Michelle Davis said...

I should also like to know where the suitcase boxes are from, please?

Michelle Davis said...

I should also like to know where the suitcase boxes are from, please?

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