Thursday, October 21, 2010

Snow White Party

This year for Lauren's 3rd birthday I threw her a Snow White party. Back when I started planning, Snow White was her favorite princess. A few weeks out she switched to Ariel, but we decided to stick with our plan. I was so pleased with how it all turned out. It was a sweet little party. I was a little sad that not many of Lauren little friends ended up actually coming. Sarah actually had more of her friends there. I wanted to keep it small, though, and Lauren did have her BFF there, so it worked out just fine! Enjoy!

Theme: Snow White & Seven Dwarfs
Colors: Primary Blue, Red, and Yellow accented with Red w/ white polka dots
Apple Cupcakes: The Cakery in Southlake
Choices were Red Velvet, Vanilla, or Chocolate
Entertainment: Snow White (she was awesome! Even the 6 year-olds loved her!)
Food: Chick-fil-A and apple slices for the kids
Adults had spinach dip, spinach salad, fruit salsa with cinnamon pita chips, and nuggets, too!
Drinks: Witch's Poison Brew (Apple Lemonade)
Favors: Apple Letters and note pads/pencils for the older ones
Snow White gloves, apple purses and beads for the younger ones
Snow White Board book for the baby
Photography: Alyssa Maisano and myself

The Apple Cupcakes

Lauren and her BFF

Snow White entertaining the children

The Favors

My little 3 year-old princess!


Anonymous said...

OMG! What a fun party! Happy birthday Lauren!!!!

love the theme, love the cupcakes, love that Snow White made an appearance!

you are the ultimate party planner and Super Mom!!
~Katie B.

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

So cute! LOVE the favor baskets!

Anonymous said...

The party is amazing. We are doing a snow white themed party and wanted to know where you got those amazing favor baskets???

Karis said...

Everything looks great! Where did you get those adorable baskets??

Mother Moe said...

Hi I know the party was a while ago but I was wondering if you can tell me where you ordered the picnic baskets from

curtis03 Lewis said...

This Snow white party looks just stunning. The kids look very happy and I am glad that they enjoyed every moment of this bash. Anyway, I am just here for some ideas for my daughter’s birthday party that I am going to host at her favorite outdoor Seattle venues. Please share some girlish party inspirations for kids!

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