Friday, October 8, 2010

Lauren is 3

It is hard to believe that 3 years ago today my Lauren was born. Her birth was so easy and quick (unlike her sister's 36 hour marathon). I should have known that the differences would not stop there. I could not have two more different daughters. are a handful, you don't sleep at night, you want to do everything by yourself, you want to be first, you want to do everything your sister does (except eat fruit and vegetables), you are a macaroni and cheese addict, and you are a bit of a wild child. However, what should I expect from a 3 year old. You are entering the terrible 3's! I have to look at you in a different are the baby, so of course I have to give into you more. I have to try and say every night at 1:30 am, it is just because she loves me that she wants me to come tuck her back in. I am so glad you look up to your older sister. Sarah is sweet and smart and I want you guys to always be close. I can't worry too much about the amount of mac and cheese you eat, because I did the same when I was your age. It is pretty good stuff! At least you do still eat your baby food sweet potatoes. I also have to allow you to be a bit of a wild child now so you can get it out of your system. My little goody two shoes Sarah will more than likely be my nightmare when she turns 13, so get it out of your system now, so I don't have to deal with 2 later on.

I love you so much Lauren. You are trying, but oh so sweet and such a little doll. I love that you love going to Sarah's activities and supporting her. I love to watch you dance, especially when you are dressed up in that pink Barbie dress. I love when you sit in my lap and watch TV. To have you close to me, quite and still, reminds me of when I used to carry you around before you were born. So sweet. I love your little good night kisses and your big hugs. I think it is cute that your favorite song right now is Phoenix's Listomania. It is cute that you called IHOP, Hip Hop the other night. I also love that you call your gymnastics leotard - "lee-guitar" Sorts of sounds like lead guitar. You love your snacks, you love your sister, your love your mommy and daddy and we love you back! Happy Birthday big girl. Go easy on me this year! Please!

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Anonymous said...

oh! Happy Birthday, Sweet Lauren! (a bit late, but i hope you are still celebrating!)
katie b.

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