Thursday, August 5, 2010

One of these days

One of these days I will get back to posting. I have been so busy this summer, that I can hardly find the time to sit and think for more than a few minutes. Right now I am sitting in the most gorgeous beach house in Manhattan Beach watching the morning surfers ride the waves.
I may never leave.
They are going to have to drag me out of here on Sunday. I thought I would catch up on my blogging while being here, but I have found that the beach has been calling me and my kids everyday. I also found the entire series of Twilight books here in the house, so I could not resist doing a little reading. (and I never read).

SO I have lots to post about. I am working on the what to eat in Dublin post currently....but after this week I may have to post about what to eat in the South Bay. We have been eating at all of our old favorite places this week and I feel about 10 pounds heavier.

Side note: We used to live down here in PV and I used to work in Redondo Beach, so this is our old stomping grounds when we were newlyweds. Who knows...maybe in the near future we will be back. ;)

So I will get back to blogging...I promise...just maybe not this weekend. Only a few more days in beach house heaven and I am going to soak it up!

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