Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School

I cannot believe it! Where did the summer go and where did my baby Sarah go? I know she is only in first grade, but in the blink of an eye we will be dropping her off 2 blocks from the school for junior high and I cannot make time slow down. I so badly want to see her grow and become a beautiful woman, but I think childhood is going just a bit too fast.

So 1st teacher, new friends. Thankfully she knows a few girls in her class, but for the most part it is all new people. I hope she has a great day. I hope she likes her teacher and I hope she has fun with her new friends. She was so excited last night that she didn't want to read a story, but go right to bed. She looked so super cute this morning in her new dress and her spectacular shoes. They are very sparkly and they light up when she walks. Lauren is very jealous. (No worries Lauren, they will be yours in about 4 years!)

If you look closely, you can see the purple light on the carpet coming from Sarah's shoes!

Lauren, on the other hand, was starting a new class today at her daycare. She is not technically in pre-school, but it is school all the same. She is not wearing uniforms yet, but that is really the only difference. She was a little shy at first, gingerly walking into her class and checking it out. I know once her BFF Addison shows up she will snap out of it and be full of energy. She has missed "her Addison" all summer and is so glad she will be back in her class!

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American Bridget said...

Hi Tamara,
Cute BTS pics. Wanted to let you know that I accidentally deleted my blog last week and lost everything. Started a new one with a similar address, but wanted to get it to you...


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