Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lauren - 18 Months

Lauren is 1 1/2 years old today! She has done a lot of growing and changing in the last 6 months (and really the last 2 months, in particular!) The biggest thing to note is that she is now EATING!! We are still giving her baby food fruits and veggies because she won't eat those otherwise, but she has moved onto to eating table foods, finally!! She just started this a couple of months ago. I attribute the progress to the fact that she began going to her Young Toddler class at her daycare. Watching and studying all the other kiddos eating their chicken nuggets, turkey wraps, and snacks really helped her to turn the corner! No more gagging just stuffing her face!! Some of her favorite foods are as follows: Veggie Puffs (not a real food, but her favorite), any kind of chips, cracker, or cookie, pizza, taco meat, Spanish rice, waffles, pancakes, shredded cheese, mac and cheese and cereal bars. I can't wait until bite size pieces of fruits and veggies are added to that list so I can stop spoon feeding them to her!

Let's see....what else....oh, yes....she LOVES Dora! I would even say that is her favorite word right now. She will repeat almost anything you throw at her, but her favorites are bye bye, hello, Sarah, bath time, cracker, cookie, mama (finally), Wonder Pets, just to name a few. Like I said, she repeats like crazy, so she has said tons of words! She loves to dance....especially to anything on Noggin, she likes to climb on things, she likes playing with anything Sarah is trying to play with, she loves her baths with her sister, she likes throwing the ball around, and my personal favorite....she loves to give real kisses! She takes one good nap a day and when her ears aren't bothering her she sleeps good at night. We have had a handful of ear infections this season. I hope they don't continue.

She goes for her 18 month check-up next week, so I will update you on that and anything else I think of. For now, enjoy the photos! Today was also the girl's Easter Egg Hunt at their daycare, so they had a blast with that. I have never seen anyone more petrified of the Easter Bunny than Lauren. She was majorly concerned with him!!

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