Monday, January 19, 2009

Sarah's 5th Birthday

If I could....I would like to back track just a moment to last weekend! This is such a big occasion in our house, that I can't leave it out of the new blog! Sarah turned 5 on January 9th and we celebrated with a small gathering at our house that night. It was just family; Nana, Papa, Opa, Myrtle, Mark, Karen, Rob, Nina and us. We had tamales from San Antonio and cupcakes. The next day was her Pink Poodles in Paris tea party with her friends! It was so cute and she had lots of fun! I must admit, I had lots of fun planning it even though she insisted we have it somewhere and not at the house! This was first for me! It was a great little birthday and I can't believe my little Sarah is now 5!
My Happy 5-year-old!

The group in front of Let's Pretend Tea Parties

Making a Wish!

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