Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

2010 was a fabulous year for our family. Everyone was healthy, we got to travel, Charlie continued to do well at work and we decided to move back to LA and are moving into a beach house! (A personal dream of mine!) So I hate to see the year come to a close. It really seems like it went by really fast.

I do love a new year, though! There is something about the new year that always makes you feel like you have got a fresh start. I always make resolutions, but hardly ever keep them. That is the great thing about a new year, though, I can be optimistic that this is the year I keep them!

So here are a few:
1. I plan not to worry so much about EVERYTHING. I worry and stress out about everything from major world events to what I am going to cook for dinner, so I plan to try and take things in stride more.

2. I plan to try an appreciate and enjoy the small things in life, but the best things in life. Play more with my kids, take walks on the beach and not just watch them build sand castles but get in there and do it too, appreciate the days we are at home as a family more, and really listen to every little thing my kids talk about and just enjoy family time more.

3. Cook more for my family. I love to eat out WAY too much. Along the same lines, get my kids to try new foods and by the end of the year be eating a least one new, healthy thing!

4. Keep in touch with friends more. As I get older, I realize the value of great friendships more and more. I want to keep in touch, get together more, and stay connected.

5. Pursue doing more of the things I love. Party planning, photography, blogging. Not sure what path I will take, but try to have the courage and discipline to try and make it happen. I have been wanting to start my own party planning business for over 5 years now, so maybe this is my year. Who knows....I will keep you posted.

I wish everyone a prosperous and healthy 2011!

Oh, and GO FROGS!!!!

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