Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daughters of the American Revolution

I am now a member! I am a proud member because it was an organization that my mother was most proud to be a part of. I think if she were here today she would so love to share this with me and would probably make me go to every meeting! My main reason for joining was to honor her. I remember as a child being part of the Children of the American Revolution and we would have fun parties from time to time. My favorite memories, though, are of going to the DAR meetings with my mom every now and then. Because we did not live in San Antonio proper, she couldn't attend every meeting, but she selected to attend those that were held at the San Antonio country club and such. She picked those mainly to expose me to something nice and refined. I think she got something out of the meeting (I certainly didn't), but I know she loved to give me an opportunity to learn about which fork to eat with and how to keep my elbows of the table and how to make small talk, etc.... Even at an early age, I knew it was practice on how to be a lady and have manners. So, anyway, if you were to look up the DAR, I don't think that is one of the goals of the organization, but it was one of my mother's.

Aside from that it was a way for my mother to teach me to be proud of our heritage. To be a member of the DAR you have to show proof that you had relatives that were in the country during the time of the American Revolution. (Note: that may not be the only qualification, but it is one of them.) Thanks to my moms hard genealogy work, we have such a link in our lineage. Because I am her daughter I automatically can become a member and so can my daughters and so on.

It is a very interesting group and maybe one day I will attend a meeting. I am anxious to see if they are how I remember them as a little girl.

(Note: She was also a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas and I am looking into becoming an official member of that too. In my mind, our Texas heritage is way more interesting and the stories are the ones I love the most!)

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Sara said...

The daughters of the AR did work with the AF ROTC detachment at TCU. I also found it interesting that the church in Ireland that you visited is the same name as the church in San Pedro that I got married. Hope you are well.

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