Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sarah's Activities

I am so behind on blogging that it is not even funny. What have I been doing you might ask?....being mom....getting ready for Christmas....carting my Sarah all around to do Girls Scouts, dance, gymnastics, and ice skating! Ice skating replaced soccer, but hey, let's throw soccer in the mix, too! I know I am partly to blame for her (and my) schedule. But I don't know where to cut it off. I won't budge on the dance, she loves the gymnastics and the girl scouts, and well, ice skating, I just felt like if she showed any interest it was better to keep with it. She took a year off from it and has regressed some. She is really pretty good at it, so I hate to keep her from doing it if she likes it. So, well, that is how we find ourselves in this predicament! She did ask to do Irish step dancing, but I sort of pretended that went in one ear and out the next. Not that I don't want her to do it, but seriously! She has also mentioned going back to doing her art, which I love for her to do. Then we have the shocker of all was hated this fall by her (although you will never know from the pics) and ice skating was supposed to replace it for the "spring", but now I am hearing how we want still play we shall see what unfolds in the new year. I love for her to do activities but 6 different ones, I am not sure about that.

So let me re-cap what she has been up to.

Dance: She is at a new studio this year. It is hard to believe this is her 4th year of dance already. We moved studios so she could get to do a recital. The old studio does one, but it is at the beginning of June, and we will be in Ireland then, so that wasn't working. She seems to like her new class, but I have a feeling we will be back at the old studio next year (if we are still doing dance). It is her least favorite right now, and I vowed never to force my kids to do anything they didn't really love, so if she wants to take a break, we can take a break. I will probably revive the Irish step dancing talk if this happens! So here are some pics from her dance class parent show!

Sister had to get in on the action!

Soccer: As I mentioned, she was complaining about hating soccer, although you would not know it from watching her play the games. I thought for sure we were done with this one. She was such the soccer star in the spring, but came out in the fall in a funk. However, the last few games, the soccer star starting coming back. She started making goals again and started to get more aggressive. I don't know if it was the nice weather or what, but by the end she started changing her tune. Then the night of her team pizza party, the coach was talking about keeping the girls all together and what a great little team they have (they are good) and she started to talk about wanting to stay with it in the this one is still up in the air! Her are some pics!

Yes, in case you are wondering, it is Team Blondie!

Girl Scouts: Just a few nights ago she got invested into Girl Scouts with their Investiture Ceremony. It was very cute and she now has her Daisy pin. She loves girl scouts and I am glad! It is such a great activity! If you live near me...I am giving you fair warning...cookies are on the way and I will be finding you to buy!

Gymnastics: She just had her 1st meet yesterday and she did so good. She has only been doing gymnastics for 4 months now and she has improved so much. She still has a ways to go, but she loves it! At her meet she got a 8.8 on floor, 9.1 on vault, 8.8 on bars and a 8.9 on beam. (Note that the lowest score they were giving was an 8.8, but she tried really hard and did better than she had ever done in practice, so I was so proud of her! She was so excited afterwards and is already talking about doing it next year so she can win a trophy.

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YEA Sarah! if only there were more hours in the day!

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