Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Sweet Sarah turns 8

How is it possible that this little girl has turned 8!? Yesterday was her birthday and we had a wonderful 2 days celebrating! Sarah is growing into the most remarkable young lady. I say young lady, because she is no longer that baby I once had. Yes, she is still a child, but she is growing out of that "kid" stage. She knows that the princesses at Disneyland are just pretend, she has her suspicions about Santa, she no longer wants to buy baby dolls and read fairy stories, but rather she is into reading large chapter books and playing with things like video games and doing art sketches. In fact, the only thing that makes me still see that little child sparkle in her eyes is when she would talk to our little Elf on the Shelf, Max, at Christmas. (I give this one 1 more year at best)

She is not only literally growing taller, but she is showing signs of being "all growns up" (Anyone know what movie that phrase cam from??) She is starting to get into fashion and actually gets excited to see a shirt box wrapped as a gift. She also inquires about more mature topics and is learning that life is not just fairy stories and happiness all the time. So, needless to say, the day that Charlie and I have been sort of dreading with all the "talks" and serious conversations about life, death, boys, etc...It is starting to knock on our doorstep. It hasn't fully been let in to sit on the couch, but we are approaching that stage and will be fully immersed in the next few years, I am sure.

She likes to be treated as a young lady. She wants to order her own food at restaurants, she has become a little teacher for Lauren and likes to read her books, she loves to teach her friends how to Irish dance, and she likes to be in on dinners with adults and is not so much a "kids table" fan anymore.

At 8 years old she does art, hip hop, ice skating and Irish dancing. Irish dancing is her love and she know takes class 3 days a week and competes at least once monthly. Her distant goal is to become an open champion and maybe one day get to compete at the World Championships. Her goal for this year is to compete at Oireachtas in November and try to recall. It is a big dream, but you gotta dream big!

Sarah is blossoming right in front of my eyes and I love what I see. She is sweet, smart, polite, a little sensitive, very talented and very caring. I am so proud that she is my daughter and I am so in love with this little girl.
My sweet Sarah.

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