Thursday, April 14, 2011

Texas Tradition: Bluebonnet Photos

One of my favorite things about living in Texas are the gorgeous bluebonnets that blanket the landscape every March and April. Not even after moving from the state could I resist bringing the girls back for their annual pictures. It just so happened that we got to make a visit back to our native state for my daughter's spring break, so I took full advantage. Taking photos of my pretties is one of my most favorite things and one of my most challenging things. Two girls worried about bugs, the sun, not smiling, not looking at the camera (well not at the same time). It is exhausting. I have found that if you take enough, you are bound to have some great ones in the bunch!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS! and that is totally my photo-taking-philosophy, too... take tons and hope you get a few good ones! Poor Baby B sees that flash more often than not!

by the way- what is the camera that you use?

love those blue bonnets!

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