Monday, January 14, 2013

Sarah turns 9!

Last week on the 9th, my first born turned 9!  Cannot believe how the time has flown by.  She is an absolutely wonderful daughter and an all around great kid.  She is very smart...does very well in school and loved by teachers.  She is very of my most favorite compliments to get about her.  She is for sure a sweet, caring soul.  She is very talented...of course Irish dance is her number one, but she also is a very gifted artist, loves to do jazz and hip hop, and can hold her own doing a variety of other activities and sports.  She is also very beautiful....not just on the outside, but inside, as well.  Now don't mistake me, she is not prefect in every sense of the word.  She does torment her little sister, she can have a bit of sass with me from time to time and she is a pretty picky eater, but aside from those minor things, she is a dream child.  At the age of nine she is still a little girl at heart, loves princesses and fairy tales (I even catch her in a Disney dress from time to time), but she is for sure 9 going on 15.  She now knows about Santa, I secretly think she likes clothes more than toys, she loves to read books, and she now has a phone.  Yes, that was our doing, but I feel safer with her having one than not and really all she does is play words with friends on it, so how bad can that be!  Sarah is also quite the mother hen.  Sometimes it comes back to bite me that she takes after me so much, but her intentions are always good.  As my girls get older it is more apparent to me that I am a role model first and foremost.  I hear her repeat things I say to them to Lauren or her friends, and sometimes it is good and other times, I wish I could go back and rethink the tone something was said!  She is also a little teacher.  I have no doubt she will grow up to be an instructor of some kind.  She loves to teach and that is a very special trait to have.  Most people think they have it, but only a select few really do.  So here is my girl, my little 3rd grader.  Can't wait to see what wonderful things are to come this year!

Here are a few pics from the party.  It was an Underwater Spa theme.  Small party, but lots of fun times had by all!

Cake: Cupcakes Couture Manhattan Beach
Crafts: Initial hangers and picture frames adorned in shells 
Ocean in a bottle
Invitation and paper goods:  B. Nute productions

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